Acumen Adult Films

Found a loophole in Rule 18. If a man 24 hetero marries a girl 15 legally, she is envivo adult or “18+”. My lawyer says he is ready for attack and there will be none. AAF has 252 certified married porn scenes out there. See which are married- husband is legal guardian and says YES. She says YES. Its only THEM…

28 15

24 17

42 16

64 29

23 16

20 13

34 14

All willing and happy.

Big deal. They were already screwing in the car on the way to my studio and IN it and I said JESUS, kids- WWJD?

“He does not care much at all. Im Anglican. Oooko. I am in some scenes dressed as Jason Voorhees and the chicks laugh at how wicked my peach knife is.

I get no respect. JustLAID. ONCE a day


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