If LIFE Were A GAME, Mine Is Sorry

– not Rumi.

Tis Moi. Chalice, please, man-at-arms. We have days to slay before grave depths we’ve already kissed in our holy and unholy wars of Abraham’s cause:

Stars in beach sand. Destiny.

Adieu, faggot bundle carriers. Russian mafia. Peruvian grandma. Porn stars and killers. Churchies and Wilburs, Tupaks, M&M lovers, Whities and Unwhities lives materialize but have hidden spirit and aspirations like evidently the Dubai half mile spire was REALLY half of what American Frank Lloyd Wright drew in:

Mile High Tower. Real draw up. Check it out. Arabs stole that AMERICAN IDEA!! A tall spike sky scraper!!!! Frank sees it, surely! Its right the fuch in Dubai! Sky seating for his ghost! Right?

America rocks the Middle East including screwing up Israeli relations a bit and supplying ISIS with beard trimmer hand books. In time each ISIS will lose his ISIS in life or death. Love them like God loved centurions who killed HIMSELF.



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