Good people die well. Always. Bad people all have a hidden tear-jerker story after their death. Prince died well of OD? Honest mistake if so. Saddam was beaten as a boy and mother was a whore? No, a witch of dim light. Evil? More than Saddam was- she made him a dictator from birth and on, neglecting him. He ruled big. Did ethnic cleansing. Babes were killed. Judging. No. He was a great great manly man. I respect but cannot tell WHAT the hell he was thinking. Not nearly as evil as ISIS is, killing with poor style at public events… Spree, not Dexter, globular not hits. Splatter hate. Boring. Too hot. Shoot eachother and film it, Ahab. I’ll enjoy, Zilla. Uh huh, Ahmed. Tribe of none is no fun and ISIS culture club is inverse GAY. Allah knows where you were touched as a boy. Gay. Gay shooter try to prove they never were hit or bothered. They are:

Little Saddams

From idealist drops of e-sperm. WWW enablesvterrorism. OopsHi Hi

Spellcorrect NAZIS!!!!!!!!!.




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