My CIA code. Really.

I fuching work very unofficially for CI.

I fuching leave Fuchs messages. Online. Light web, not dark. But into a bag my body of message goes down to Hell, Virginia.

God bless Langley… a town. All resident risk a bombing! Pentagon was hit. What if Langley housed planning?

They fuching DO! No they do not.

Lang Lang Gang to-be-feared is male female race and sexo-diverse. Agent Mel Strom, Ret. lives… somewhere, and he says the most danger is in a human brain and then weapons and computers which mimic mechanics of Hitler on crack calculating Satan’s secrets.

Would you hail the devil himself to protect USA? I would ask Jesu t. squeeze a drop of ZOUNDS! from his hand teet. I would lick his heart to learn ninjutsu, yoga, manners, disguise, ethics, will, desire, morals, definition of ‘sin’ and ask if I may eat sin to gain grain alcohol in my brain and think more insane than Hitler minus harvesting Juden wheat x6M+. I’d jump into a bus for freedom.

I’m an empirical chemist. Father was a chemist and locally famous and dark handsome scary. I wanted to be 007. He said- we G———s do not make good liars. I can white lie in colour living into obsidian and into Hell for Jesus, Tarmack Strippers. Its called BEING. MEAT IS A SLIDING LIE. No one really deserves to live unless you did something when you were NOT to become what you got.


I love this Nation team America fuch yeah

Storm on West Coast Oregon now…

Omg! Its HAARP!! CIA controls tornados!! Satan made more Satans! Jesus need more Jesi or Jedi…


Ho ho

Ho dee ho go bo yo no mo cho


I fuching LOVE N KOREA




Not “Sith”

Seth from Dr. Evil… Son of Dr. Evil KNOWS EVIL IS BULLSHIT!!!!


He is mastering the rebate squirting his in-cum-MING missles to sell TO GING LING PING HAU TAU BARAU NAH KAU SEE SEE SING IT FUCKING LOUD!!


I just saw a vision

From Jesus

He is wearing a devil suit

GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus says he chopped his S off and wants to be called JESU


Miracles no

Fuch you if ye deny the son a kiss


The children of God at Langley CIA HQ and abroad need SOME prayer, love…

Id like to have sexy posters of them but FACES are expensive to replace if all their Dexters advertise…



Please pose in a fake yearbook for me. Send to Milwaukie home office. You can submarine from anywhere in the world and leave it in a metal box up the Willamette at Johnson Creek…

GPS R5-tyu-4340986-3433

By the rock with a silver dot shaped like a 5 sided Superman pentagon. I used to dig them but being in a barrel is not as fun as playing with triggers like you.

I want to oil you… er.. Oh!! My wife



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