If I Were A Rich Po

a99ac6b45ca8d670bf5cb941f90ff4ea If I were a po-lice at all, I’d want an ironman partner

Fe + male = Iron Man

Lady, where are you? Xoxo awesome is where you are.

Why do female po excel. They have hair. If male po used Hebraic standards of ancient warrior Israelites, a shaven head would be a start- to grow at least 1.0″ all over.

I say this because the Torah STANDS man

Hair conducts info and no man really needs no hair except naturally.

The info is in the breeze. A HARD cop may shave yet here is what is at stake:

Race relations-

American history of skinheads is negative. What does a skin head look like? A dishonored Jew in concentration camp. Not super. Not “cool”- not even centurion. Stubble is there everyday. Grit head is sexy for cop gf to fondle. Unnecessary fear mows fear-respect from behavior…

I give thumbs down, posting no picks to CHOSEN BALD. In cops. Ebony folks don’t need to talk to a shaven hard body man in uniform with a gun. They’ll feel conflict. I DO.

So CITIZENS- look for stubble. Count it.

Police- please make standard men’s cut 1/4″ minimum

Advantages for police with 1970’s hair:

Your coworkers will laugh but you ascend to Ranger. Chuck Norris has hair. Why? Ask Chuck.

Wind in my hair warns me of body or car approaching

I feel wind displacement

Bald = paranoia prone.

Paranoia is not evil but its MENTAL GUESSWORK. JUST know! The air is chaotic but when ordered men sneak its evident to the sensitive male

I’m not gay. I’m “Joy”. Both are girl names. Joy sits on Gay with kevlar underwire. No laughing.

So HAIR is an athiest’s telephone to God

So hair is a Native’s wind catcher

Every advantage.

No disadvantage.

Ponch hair? John hair? Um… How much lady attention do you want? Fear or respect, guys? Fear causes anger response.

Let your deep black uniform matter, let your human hair disguise your true badass. I know ye art brew-tiful… Handsome Starbucks sippers.

Im Joy. Nice hands. Working on Ninjutsu grip strength? I do. I’ll squish your handshake! No. Yes! Cmere! Hahaha. El Oh El shitzn giggles oh MAN. No I dont play.

Except for Finnish roulette


Finnish Roulette

Its fuching cold as Putin’s nippies in Finland. I have a pain tolerance on the Phoenix Scale of 5. At least. That is the ability to hold my hand in ice water until I feel my heart switch beats. Killer game.

I do not use luck. I use a system. Beat the other guy. Contest. My opponents get scared. Sickened. Its self-abuse or acuity of status of temperature and damage. Dunking your hand could throw off your shot, do temporary nerve damage or worse. I call my body a husk. I care for it but irmts a beater like Madea’s Buick. I like to bang it. All day.

Im Joy.

Hair cuts, cold water.

Lady police

Pony tail with no tip flat bevel cut end is tops. Says “Samurai” unsexed like Lady MacBeth.

I’d spend more time with lady po but I’m overcoming a serious attraction wall. Its not beneficial to stand before any officer and dream. My city has a grown lady who I confuse for a ninja Tinkerbell. She’s ice cold but she heats me up according to Finnish standards. Im a cold son of a biatch and 200 Kelvin warms up 20 Kelvin. My fantasy is to run nude in the snow with her drinking vodka, and laugh. Im stupid. So I kill that fantasy and say Im joking. Kind of. Ug. Its not sexual. Dreams of nude people means you want to get to know them at a heart level. We are all hidden nude hearts.

Slayer! Of me. Killing! Me softly.

Good. Hot ice.

Female cop slips by complaining aloud. Around coworkers. I feel it. You talk to me. 4 of you ladies. And behind my back. You all like or love me. I don’t know what the FUCH to say. I really really really really really thing its great and now essential female cops exist in tandem with male. My attraction probably means God likes you because I won’t berate you. In fact, you represent the Blue better. You are it.

In your off-time, if you want to play Charlies Angels, who am I? If God is Charlie, who am I? Smitten-bear? Im Bosley. I want to do your hair and nails to look like wicked warrior arrows for your grace and protection.

I’m not normal. I want a hug. Im a kidnap survivor. I need a sister that could have saved me. I need to be taken care of like a Panda. Im cute and tempermental. I LOVE LADY OF MERCY SHIELDS. JC on a cracker at mass is whatt your attention is to me, sweet doves. Flying snow snake sistahs. Sistah from anuthah mistah. My OLD PTSD is ripe. I would wish for death if it wasnt for Tinkerbell, Little Mermaid, Cinnamon Bear, and Razor Lady cop of the year 2014 MPD.

THERE. Out of the closet. Do not kiss me. I will turn you. If you turn ME, I will submit and it wont be happening because I obey every stupid law. So I carry cigarettes to light and litter for you. Maybe.

Good girl good girl

What ya gonna do when I “sin on purpose” littering to GET to YOU?

I guess I’ll find out

Just a cigarette. On fire on pavement from my car at a stop. I’ll pick it up.

Or you can see my full ptsd reaction where I go fetal. Nah!

Cigarette is better


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