Attn MPD Police re Ashley who called 911 about suicide

Ashley, Cindy’s daughter who called Wednesday about me appears to be suicidal without perceiving it

Cindy is my North Main neighbor

I wont call you because this is obscure- Ill make an EXAMPLE of her..

Ashley “met” online Craigslist a woman for lesbian interest. Woman is married. Is picking her Up

For 8 days

They are going to make her stay 8 days

Or she can run

Husband is coming with

I would call it in but it could be a lie

She has lied before

No one is hating this like me

I was kidnapped

This is fucked up

8 days- day 5 could be slit throat and 6 chop up and 7 drive to Washington East and bury the mess of what was her vehicle body GODDAMN IT GODDAMN IT ID-

Forget it

Se la vie

Prayer to God. Not to Satan

Worry is Satans food 👍

Fuch this


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