In 1996, A “Black Life” Mattered

 Who Cares About Life-image As Thouroughly As A “Black” Police Officer?

That’s me. I’m German Russian Kurd tribal DNA and so I’m not “ivory”, I’m peachy. Leave it to me to say that colorless lives matter. But to humor you equalizers, a STORY.

I was in Chicago on the 4th of July time. Citizens selling BEER to make a buck in front of po po and the po po let it go go because there were

900,000 people! Visible. I was 19, nutty, ran up skipping to a BLACK BIG EBONY GRAND DADDY LIETENANT OF CHICAGO PD AND asked:

“May I take your PICTURE- I’m from ORYgun!”

His response was classic:

(Dignified, looking up and away:)


Hell yeah, Sgt. Ofc. Lt. Blackstone, I will. *click*

Becuz LUV see no MUTHAH FUNKY colah!

All the frick I saw was a baddass cop with a built in K-9er in his sabrosa

Now after that, I was a little disappointed he was standy offish.

So I arrested the attention of 10-speed geek patrol fit-to-kick-the-street-shit Schwinn cops. Whiddies. Ivories. None of these copper tops were my race exactly. They cuffed me.

Fuckin a .. For FUN! Yay!

So all you 600,000 American’ts… Know this. I get prof as Arabic an. I AM  NOT ARARBIAN. Shook me up. By who? Not cops. Ex cops and ex cop security. At a medical campus.

It was not so good but I lived. Ever watch Spy Game? I used windows to see the T-X male termitrax pursuing and gaining. I done no wrong. My wife was at an appointment. She is REALLY Arabic. She preys 125 times a day on my luv.

Anywho, I speed dialed 911. Once past a concourse sensed T-X was 15 feet… 10 feet… I turned, thrust my special Hello Kitty phone at him (no kitty) and said “911 speed dial SUCKAH!!”.

Do it. Mm.

Behind me then- 4 or 5 officers who dont do ninjitsu ronin like I DO were standing behind PILLARS and in bushes for cover for practice.

Jesus Christ on a cracker! No. Jesu Rex Sanctu on a CROSS is what powers peach HOMIE ANDY HARRISON. I eat the saviours flesh and drink his blood and learn CIA and NINPO shizzat and use BLACK WORDS like shizzat. Don’t like it? Trippy YOU! Dont want your culture shared? I have this for me:

Azan- I can.

Bitch- I’m Jesus bitch I though but now I always ride shotgun.

Colors- they look good on you.

Dope- I am.

Eager- never. I got what I need.

Funky- I play bass like Claypool only worse.

G-6. Oh I’d love to see their weapons.

H. I dont need it.

I. I am.

J. JC33AD is a person, place and time I cling to.

Kayakujutsu. I can. You have to declare it by law. Its “pyro-ninjutsu” and I design it in my head without acting. Example is burning trees to STOP forest fires. Actually I think implosive chem tacticle weapons (not stockpiled) could anti-kayakujutsu nature’s wildfires if done precisely.  CALIFORNIA! And tsunamis- tacticle semi automatic nuclear rounds shot from a Japanese battleship could CHANGE tsunami flow. Especially if 90 degrees sideways at a Japanese river delta. Why not? In 100 years, there will be another. Tell it to FOO DIE away.


Zoo. Human zoo is not safe. God tells civil servants to act. Gives vision. If not God- the Amenominakunushi. The Life of all life- the First born over all creation born in the MIDDLE of history. Who?

Judas’s Chariot?

No. Never say DIE

This one made me (rough cut still working on my swagger):


All are invited

Spirit RULES thd matters and needs not to matter

Christ learned to give all

Was he colored? Sure. White? No. Black? No. What? What then? Hebrew. Servant. The God of “this lil light of mine”. Light is WHITER THAN WHITE, some is dim, some BLACKLIGHT.  GEE, really yes uh huh and Im done.

Chicago rocks!! !!


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