Author Of Syntax Sinner Blog Has Passed Away


My brother Andrei Korsov died over 1 week ago, the author of this blog. Please shut this blog down, WordPress.

Thank you.

I am Ray Korsov, Andrew’s little brother. I am very numb right now. I gave Andrew probably 30% of his material as we joked here together as a team. I ask that the blog be locked out.

Lock out, please

Andrew will be remembered for his editing style as he journeys back now to his truer home. We knew he was ill, but not dying. He was fine and then we lost him in a traffic accident of all things. There was a truck that ended him in a hard but painfree pop. His remaining form will be laid to rest soon and its a taxing time financial but mostly the feeling that this was a meaningless ride.

If you wish to send condolenses or had a favorite blog post, PLEASE mail Starbucks cards in his pseudonym “Harrison’s Flowers” to the Milwaukie Police Department in Oregon- he would have LOVED that. He was a closet gambler, DXM addict recovering and a closet supporter of police, which is virtually unheard of in this time. Watchfulness was very important to Andrew. He was diabetic, had a blood condition, PTSD and a hard life but loved animals and his lover of 20 strange-ass years who asked not to be mentioned except by her middle name “Marie”.

I will try my best to not blog. I ask:

WORDPRESS, tear down this BLOG!!!

…as we only caused trouble and it’s Marie’s wish no more entries are made by me. I am the dumbass behind the dumbest posts here. I’m about to cry. I’ll make one last entry before shut-down about dogs and cats- and the Humane Soceity- his number one love before civil rights and citizen protection thru MMA and discipline of watchfulness.

My brother started writing as a victim and leaves as a victim’s advocate and appreciater of handicapped children’s interests, too. I really did not know him, even after 42 years and I have to keep saying goodbye, yet I still hear his idea. I don’t want to F up this blog by writing alone, so one more post…

“Cat Dog”

I’m not sorry to post this but he would want you all readers to just know he’s still around in spirit for sure, if you believe in living vibes.

Thank you


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