I’m Dying Of Shit

Shit is death

Sorry I wont always be here to sin

I hope you liked me

Love is a bit more attention than I deserve

Go to hell

Just kidn

Jesu Rex your Hex and be honest inside

Doby and Gilligan!

You gay American twat avoiders!

You hot women (to me) who are smart lesbians at the library that I flirt with who give me smiles and take me to dinner


To the skinny kid in Jr high-

Im glad you were such a prick because its a referrence point. Fuck you too

To the hot blonde in high school

Did you mess with Mr Shay? Because he was nervous and handsome and I would have filmed you with him. If you asked. And he wore clothes. No. I had a hot tub. Dad peed in it though. I would not have had to say… I could have had 5000 girls in there!! All at once at different times!!!! Augh!!!-

Redo!! God?? Redo????? Aw

Oh well

Pot is legal

Women are too…

I just I dunno

Flesh weak spirit awry .need wholeness again

PAin like Johnny Cash brother blood on floor and bones exposed poured out 40x what Calvary dirty drank under Centurian foot

Christ .blood .red goo wine. Blood in

And out

In and AUS .I EXPANDED a bit it equals Time ?


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