The, The


die die

Anastasia neck head plucked by guillotine

Her face headless hair- not losing much great fineness

King’s knight gable picks her cold head up- light and sweet

Into his soul she breathed fire in ONE WINK

Knight gable, knight gable… keeper of the stable of the KING

Gable force ranger, be no great stranger- bed down King’s daughter to-night


Slay my rightful SON with no GUN

Pierce her, abuse her, mistreat her- but NEVER as much as I-

I am a KING but also father guide

I let the Jutes rape

I saw Vikings burn our girls for Krom

I know all the field to which we can reuturn-

We fled from

They are ours again

My daughter’s maidservant- WIFE her

She is ten times as fine and never was mine, but I’ll say so

So you don’t need to worry- she is OURS

Securities from the stars and the sword

One Accord

And never do her wrong- she is actually my daughter, too.By Maiden Huchie Koo the slut

Just kidding… but quite the cunt.

Peachy tunneler, am I the KING


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