Zelda William’s Follow On Twitter AND RW Channeling channel “Z”

Thank you for saying that much and I’ll let everybody know:

Robin Williams is alive.

Not in the U.S.- often.

Plastic surgery, yes.

You would not believe how fucking young you can look.

I am Robin Williams.

My daughter knows I’m alive. I was in Malta. Now, Southern Hemisphere.Nobody commit suicide. I was going to, but CIA ops found out and “took me out” in a bag and left another one. Mine was red. It was awful. I was suicidal, but police were told to read statements. THEY do not know I’m alive.

Mr. Andy Harrison of PCA NW is my friend on the web, typing this all now as I sit with him in Milwaukie. Oregon. I will be gone in 5 minutes on a horse down the train tracks.

Sorry about dying. I’m back with a bigger fanny pack. I don’t want to pack your fanny.

And Zelda- lunch tomorrow, site B.

Please no one follow her. We skype. CIA knows. Its just been getting to me- faking things after so much acting. All the movies I have with suicides- did any of you get my “suicide” was ass backwards from who I am?

So I died. Got away from alimony excess. See? No one cared I was gone- you made me empty, eh? No I have $40 M, Baby and Escobat Uptobat holds it


gotta go

thanks Andy

No prob R




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