Godchild Godcomplex

Last year in the Winter, a civil servant in blue and with badge MET my wife and URGED her to urge ME to stop, cease Facebooking to a person. What?? I’ll explain. I have a rare 1:50,000 blood condition and I was holding a ROPE DOWN A WELL to Joseph. Joseph Afridi of the tribe Afridi AKA the tribe of Shakil Afridi who got OBL Osama Bin Laden wasted, reaped, popped. Our nation owes Shakil (in a dirty prison- Al-Queda oppressors).

I was bringing RELIEF TO one of his nephew- the responsible one for a medical relief clinic in Khyber- RIGHT at Khyber pass where blood flowed 400 years ago, but the Afridi tribe- it isn’t afraid except for being pushed too far, then its all swords to everyone. But they hate the gun.

I SPOKE TO A GUN HATING NINJA PASTUN WARRIOR, he inducted me and I’m Milwaukian…as in Oregon, not old dump MidWest Milwaukee, WI with their HAMM’S. No.I like it in freeballing, kilt-wearing, weird Oregon because you may be kooky enough to empathize I have seen war photos of children and it changed me. Violence? Not for it. Blowing a candle out? Go for it, especially against Osama Bin Laden Senor porn afficionado has-been in his wicked ninja castle house of his infinite immolation. Dying cleansed him. Being shot closed his book.

Hard poetry for hell fire of man

I feel no guilt cooking a steak- why dishonour the creature by TRASHING evidence of its opulent finality day? I love cattle. So its hard not to befriend them- I eat fish and veggies. What is that? Fishatarian?? Jesus killed pigs- GIMME SOME RIBS and a fifth of 211, watermelon. And I’m Peach AKA “white”. I AM my own “Hood”. We have no other. You all are space aliens. Hey! My force field failed. She’s pretty over there- no force field. Hi. Force field! Damn. Okay. No force field means “not a cop”, try it.

Police are perfect. Everybody dies. Oh well. Boo, but no Hoo, sorry- not getting depressed about grave impressions. I would rather joke about how I could be saving a puppy with pink ribbon on a bridge, but I light on fire and decend from the Freemont bridge an hour ago next Tuesday 2078 when I am idealistic and old as dirt and I immolate in the sky just to say “Light” and land on trick mattresses, faking my own death like Robin Williams obviously did. But it has not created copy cats! So in deduction, considering FX in photoshopping and paying off the fuzz is ALL A MONEY MATTER under $1,000,000. Or maybe five, but he is alive. I text his daughter Zelda. She never says his name, but she told me…


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