I Saw Her “E”

but I’m not “SORRY”

I KISSED A GIRL’s “ENERGY” with me eyes, no- her ENERGY kissed ME … and boy, did I ever LIKE it.

thank you SO MUCH, Meghan Fraümeister, the master of her own womanness. So powerful a ballerina and a slave to the chains of urban demands? Nay! She has a variable heat signature and an even hotter hubby who can torch my ass if I make one wrong move- yes he is presumably?- a retired recon USMC Artic war specialist and dive planner who helps retrieve the nuke shells Kim Jong Un drops. So the Russians cannot get them.

Oops. Fiction breach.

No that’s just REAL-on

i reel for possibilities

better than Group ons?

Keeps me sane

i got 12,400 on the SF SAT test div B2 for intelligence

I’m a firefly

i’m fulla sh–


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