Occult Art

post 911, a lot of ghosts from 1 WTC building are calling my name- the names name of Hoo Doo



So artist Feyld Pante and I, his teacher made


The flight 93 ice howl

the night reaper in cold day sky

Flight 93 did not lose anybody

An Angel said I’d lose my MIND if I spoke with them

Ghosts eerie like cold steel silver plated work out pump-iron bars from Gold’s Gym

to die was only a final WORKOUT

SMERICA is strong

america, sorry to misspell

people are weak as sheep

our bodies have pharmacies

some one praise the reality that we die well

or did you not THINK as far as me with HEART

an Angel appeared before me- a COP 6’8″? Said I’m looking for YOU and left

Angels in America

real reality




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