My Niece’s Mama Is In A Sex Cult

.  She won’t her daughter be sexual because she the mother ended it by going to another besides BROther I don’t carrrrrrrre about their feud grande in court and subpoenaing ME after PENIS surgery- her attorney got THE STATE OF OREGON child attorney to ask around if I liked sucking Steve’s dick as a kid to make him look like he molested ME

I CAN suck any dick but never HIS Jesus freak consevative fucks… Government spiritually used evil to tweak looking for poop molester stories. Bravo. Fuck you, Judge Dean Redd for telling the court I am gay when I’m not…

I have maximal PTSD from hell in the Oregon forest… I AM JASON VOORHES… bled almost to death in Marion County Detroit lake. Almost drowned too. I was kidnapped, tortured. Don’t even ask more. He had knives.

Dexter is evil. I am Jason Voorhees, I do no evil in pure light, accountable. Community known. At Ledding Library all the time.

Thinking above-TSA intelligent thought and relaying messages to the Nation government.

but local asks me do I suck FAM dick

OREGON, You are my Bitchcraft

U will be wielded like a Satan against a hay field

BURN!!!! !!!!

portland or 97201 trafficking hub is tolerated… I feel someone JUST DIIIIEEEEEDDDD

a little girl is lost and sore, stolen, photographed… But God forgives

Thats only 1% of her story, HOW to forgive… Ned’s doctor drugs him on Seroquel. He says he is gay. Seroquel maybe makes him impotent.

medical and psychiatry CONTROL sex trends, nice

I HATE SEROQUEL, odEd almost DieD



hi, no one loves me

LOVEon & love Me


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