Zai Bin Al Buhn Di

syphon Al Bundy

zephyr album tea

zee fear aluminum tea

ziferal oomin Yum-T

If our all-lumen yummy

Iffer all lumens were chunky

difference is Uma-words spunk me

Tiffany Luna works clunk keys


CHIFFEN ZIE! Buhn hooch a monkey

chauffer the Bunhuchi car key

chauffer it into the ignee

ignite the horse gate with lightning

sparking a racehorse iron junkie

engine steel drinks in the Nitro

Night Train fuels gunning to roses

Axels on train are a rockin’

real cars can stay HOME

you do the walkin

DON’t Drive Drink-in-hand

Jersey Turnpike has sobers

wanting a drink- to bend OVER

OVER glass looking like sassafrass tea

from native recipe

Lady livery the tribes

bring me back alive

Every people

aye, men?

jesu is rex


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