Young PYT Teen Hungers For Michael But Not Demon-possessed

| video FAIL |

Check out this video from above. The camera picks up demons haunting the acute clairvoyant girl who is told be fighting angels that Michael Jackson is surely soon to die!

Her spirit puts her body in a possession serious real cataplexy extract of ecstacy WITHIN as angels read and sing the word song of real hope for the Ever and Ever.

Then she is ushered, FLAILING like a cat hit by a 2x 4 that cracks a vertebrae in her neck just a little to cause sickness of central nervous system

She is instantly not suicidal but ready and willing to die she feels SO GOOD and has it so ROUGH


HE is and was a child of god

He understood lunar things


Lean extreme


Michael the unknown exocist pushed her demon out of place by his song and form-light

lucky girl

and he never touched a boy or man or girl or woman much

he was very asexual

but a heart throb Mozart of Pop

intoxicating for girl who needs boy

he acted like a child

had an adult billion in the banko

bamk on him being crazy but not insane

propolol is


no high

just low and lights out, NOTHING felt

The end of him was by not breathing

The cause by slack management of his biology by licensed innovative dutiful everready physican for a hit star with rare diseases

i have hae

a rare disease


I am not a billionaire

i have 31 trillion bio-cells in my body bank

i fill out my form and cash in thru reliving myself

50,000 Galaxy chips (atoms) in me and you daily go radioactive because you are lit


so was Michael

hot as ice


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