Perfect Storm Inside

I’m not dying.

Not all the time.



“Blue Sheet” + James b4

I cannot take credit to mock so bad a Belushi growl yip

His worst spirit sent to haunt me, joking while on H

He says don’t relax too far

But its getting nicer?

No not from H

From dying

“I die every day” -Paul

“I’m dying”, fetus with intel inside

Pain is volume

Not the problem

The problem is unrighteousness

First, fake righteousness GOES

No more Pharisees



I was baptized BY birth as a new creation, water symbolizes as art

Its another denomination that freaks out at the dunk

Basketballers For Jesus

A cult of water-ball heresy

Christian science


Don’t let your babies grow up

Enough said

I came from like them but worssssse


no denomination

They don’t tithe their money

If they do their help volunteers have been known to priest BOYS

Not often

Creates PSYCHOPATHY in WHITE males especially if waterboarded, too, because of satan cult mock ceremony

I was at that church

That is not church

Split ecclesia

Split ecclesia is SATAN vs church in division

Low down

The cool people and the Asperger’s kids (not diagnosed in 1990 was I) saw a fire of the devil in a campfire mock satanic ritual to mockingly teach us how to excorcise

Demons did not appear

Reapin angels did IN ME TO KNIFE the, the…

Catatonia followed the Phonix Fire away.

Phoenix fire is an eye of the tiger to kill, run, die

I imitated cataplexy like a possession victim

Scared them all away

Jesu civil arts are worse that wicked ninjitsu

They FLEE ghosts

Angels asked me to ready to stab at age 14

FATHER cut them off, cooled my jets… I let the bastard look at my ASS

Jesu is the king of kings

I am lifted up

I did white ass ninjitsu and lived in front of a class A “A” inspector

I IDed him

He’s in Germany

Fuck you, Brisbin

Fuck your life right, very much

Its alright

I had Asperger’s dude

You know you were GAY

Us boys never needed you

Its okayyyyy

Mr Exorcist teacher… Jesus taught me to exorcise

My right

As spirit filled

You, sir, are the darkest darth vader teacher ASMRing and CNS shut-down brisk


I have a blood disease, biatch!!


Lets never meet

I’m glad you have done well in Corrigo stock and do security andsee chickens. BOCk BOCk

I’m not chicken of you

But lets not meet

It would be a ninja ho down weaponless

Your psych is Qi-strong, dude


You are you

I erase your name from my book of life but I’m Andrew, not Jesus. Would be disappointed if you were in hell… geez, that’s overdoing the pain you gave me

You did not

The lord pained me away from the sight of you. Bye.


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