I Loathe-lathe-love Segretist American Looney Toons Animals Who Are Rayth-less

Like Thylvethter thah Cat

Thank you, Mr. Cat’s voice crew still with us on Earth

The legathy continueth mohtht verily I THAY, you Looney Brave Dub Dub Two era POPPAS

Respects from Gen X!

Ad that’s not ALL folks… the toons carry on in the BRAIN

Buh Dih Buh Dih Buh DIH!! Oh, will generations ever be BUHdees? Buh dee, buddy, maybe?

aw SHUCKS, Grandpa! Nice vocal twangs… I do it to, silly speakin’a to my esposa

I have the silver-gold succotash tongue



HEY YO!- Ed MacMahon calls me on a prone yo foul…

Now, now


Go back

I won’t neck romance you


Oh my generation is gay?

WWII sailors kissed their pall when the Mets beat the Yanks 67-4 in Orlando

NOW who is Looney Tuuuunes whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa


Sttttooopppppppp hhhhaaaaccckkkkeeeerrrr!!!!!


Just coming of age I guess


Zow rin tin tin out of here with that dead squirrel

I’m with Mrs. Claus BAKING COOKIES I’M SANTA!!


No I’m not

Verily verily very verily

I say unto thee… the CIA is Santa

They watch…………

They KOW who is naughty and can REPAYYYYY

They reign, dearly……..

What thanks do they get?


John Q. Staceylace?

The CIA has killed CHRISTMAS

They made SNOWMAN leave


They usher Festivus in.

OMG, YES!! Thank YOU CIA!! No more shopping $h!+ AND no more bookkeeping of deficit in the American HOME! You GENIUSES! Look at our Facebook porn more. I don’t have any. There. And what I DO have, Santa, is mostly nice picture of nice GROWN willing to pose homey mamas to remind me AMERICAAAAAAA is FREE! REWARD!

Reward me! Reward me!

I want a PONY. I’m a little CURL like a comet in the wicked obsidian night over Mother Amerika. Mein will ist to be hem secure by you. How my I give MORE of my personal phone Facebook Twitter personal online life to sacrifice for my country that you may see TONS?

I am a melon farmer!



Linguistics designer… a bit

I’m… not intelligent

Yeah right- I ace the menses test

I scored a perfect zero!

I’m… a guy

I’m a swashback comet sabrosa champagne ethereal mind

In my dreams.

But my heart is made of American soil 100% except for import bananas

You know that

Some middle aged hermit unwittingly Facebooked into a war zone… OOPS

American party foul

Jesu business

You know Jesu died for his countrieS

National and spiritual but NOT GLOBAL interest here

I messaged an RN, myself

I thought it was Shakil Afridi’s family

Our ally

You never said a word but a police lady advised my girlfriend to pass on to me “You might want to stop.”

Because you called them?


Because someone was looking out for me on the East Coast

Just for Andrew


Nice shot, man… or woman

G-6 to the heart on a horse with NO name… what carries the voice nowadays?

Light and winds of electric flow but from a fellow anthropomorph

I call that love from the Lang Lang Gang





Prompt for accuracy in attempt to message person

Person- you are A-OK

This is for Langley’s health and happiness

Christmas is STILL ON! And I’m tired, yeah.

Medical treatments like guy in Clancy movie, Jones, Earl Grey, speaks BARITONE but is light on the saber-tone… James Earl Grey. Jones. Aw. I’m tired. Coherent enough to spell write this write spell right

Good night


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