Living Dead Dance

not Michael Jackson

if you do this wrong at night, police will stop you… easy does it

I won’t teach this C-level martial art- you find out from a shidoshi

my shidoshi school is here in Portland outskirts

the dojo is huge, LIKE eighty feet high and narrow

Its stone, and flexible. Scared the neighborhood when we refurbished

A C-martial is a civil art. Death is possible without touching. Disciples like Peter had it. A woman and man dropped dead

I don’t know of that. Sounds like a Darth Vader in a cream-white armor with yak hair

you go, first century ecclesia!

I know an art

Jesus walked out of a mob

I can do it

I’ve done it!

I was at the park and a guy at night with his bad cheebacca buddy made fun of me. He called me a name. I may have “unholy warred verbally” back, but it’s legal. He illegally struck my face with a post.

I walked out of the CROWD OF HIS IMAGINATION sideways, spinning seeing warm splatter on a dingy t-shirt, ear ringing and walked to a restaurant. Never to see him ever again!! Then got stitches. Hospital never billed me. What?!

Shhh. Maybe it was an error. I did civil arts. Jesu made the body of all. On El Cruz, Señor. In the Life, señoritaaaas. Oh, how are you, señoritaaaas? Ha. I am in Women’s ministry. Ahhhhh. I like police women. Ooooo. I love mother church. Oh? Churchboy with suspenders does yoga in his Jesus Ninjutsu?

No. Mother ecclesia, flesh of the body of Jesu Rex church in this Dark Night of an almost forever sadness, INFINITE… I say let us partake of the communion of the martial arts of category “C”


For the Corpus Cristi. You want to join the military and shoot an Arab, God be with your unusual focus on a people group God loves but I’m sure some of you like the American Sniper were born to whap bad guys in other lands with steel balls with a point. Death is pointless. It exists as a state we fear.

Jesu wears the Obsidian of the Night sky by ripping it off his bride. Do you picture Jesu with a human woman? Yikes. He is then our reaper? We have the grim. Are we ready to see him? Grim. Your fam and friends need you. Is God scary? You liked the Ring. Admit it. It was art. That little girl is like the bride before redemption? A really skilled portray of a lie that kids kill. And wait in wells.

WELLS are scary. Use your fear and do C-level martial civil arts akin to yoga and ninjitsu ninpo for REAL. Make Jesu your shidoshi, savior, father, brother. He is not just a man and above any Buddha. Some say Buddha predicted a sin-eater. Maybe. I don’t believe that. I can’t see it. I guess it’s possible since Asians are not ALL Pagan. I was. Maybe. I studied Qi Gong and acquitted a spirit.

You can capitalize “Spirit”. Holy? Meaningless word. Written on paper, ink is sludge. Spirit is a breath in a real breather. The hallowéd spirit of Christ showed me lights and maybe stuff and does. Hypnogogic and metaphysical is real. Hit your head- that WHITE SLAM light on black or red for your eyelids are red from blood flow- that’d be God. Saying “great job”. He thinks you are a knockout. Maybe.

You decide. I’m a Christ follower and I may have had medical marihuana for my back and feel like telling of my secret life. I’m not a ninja. I’m a civil artist ambassador, sometimes call the Senator if Benevolence forces me to. It’s a little embarrassing. I have good ideas but I challenge things like… Can we put photos on San Fransico Golden Gate Bridge ?

I only say that because I love the Chinese there as my great uncle did political work as a missionary in Communist WWII KOREAN War era China. He may have been on government radar. His relatives too? No. So I friended CIA on Twitter and they followed me

followed by the CIA as a writer

Bad idea. So bad it’s good. Scary? Like Tweety standing on Sylvesters nose. Yes it ought to be but I LOVE the people there who are included with WEthePEOPLE. Yes? Even Snowden, sharing and fleeing. Pretty brave and I’m too wary of Facebook. I talked to a hospital worker with my same rare blood condition. Uh, he was in a war zone where I don’t know the presence of what government, so I stopped communication. It did not kill my friend who helps sick people and said he hates guns.

I believe him. But is it worth it? No. But that civil spirit gave me free speech… to a lowly ill man whose son was dying. Often almost did. He is my E.T. My American Heart Light went to an alien who wants his kids here. Sahid Afridi is American to ME. He praised U.S., likes our way. Can’t make it

Similiarily, there are those of you who do not act American, live here and act like alien anarchists. I can walk through you by the power of the Double Crimson Lotus step withou touching you. Without MOVing. Without a sound. But not really without all three unless I’m a dead man walking. I am.


My name is Andy, I


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