Joy Is…

… a name

Does it have to be felt?

It has been said “completion of joy”- what dynamic of a state is this?

Maybe something of a lifetime achievement.

I have a pain in my abdomen. Something called “interstitial tissues” and internal loss of plasma- and “joy” is different from that plane. I know why I’m ill better than most doctors, but they taught me the start of it. I think joy is electric, like music in the body, invited, gifted and at a meditative level people appreciate it.

It’s not a quickie skinny dip tickle with bed buddy in a jacuzzi. It’s not dinner, although most things can’t beat dinner and your favorite drink. It may be the BAH HOO DOH RAY of the Whoville ding bats who don’t care about Christmas gifts.

In conclusion, Christmas sucks. Good luck with that shit this year. I bet $1 that Festivus will be made real in the next ten years. Every Christmas keeps getting better than the next. At least in the U.S.- pathetic marketing of crap. CALGON!! SERENITY!!


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