Pronoia, Pair Of Dice

image.jpgI can’t see everything. My neighbors cannot either. Citizenry is what we are. Our “best mate” is uniformed and…

I’m wearing a police button today because I ought to, I think. I don’t care what others think. I’m not a cop. WHY WOULD I?

I might have a story. It’s probably about anarchy and how I would have ANYTHING but anarchy. Police come in singles, usually not 6-packs. Do you have a favorite officer? Are there ones you wish would transfer FAR away? Do you know how different personality of people make police diverse?

Honestly, some police I could talk to for 5 minutes. Others have 15 seconds because I think we almost get into a psyche lock like rams. That’s EMP signature where maybe there is 100% nothing to gain for either of us.

Then there are civil servants that tell me it’s painful now with cop reputation being run through a harsh ringer. Well, I feel it, not pity, but connection. Citenzenry rep to blue civil servants. I’ve been profiled as Middle Eastern BY A SECURITY SQUAD of 6-7. Oh they got me. I’m 7% Kurdish? Wow. Yeah. That took it out of me. It was like a boys game though to me. I wasn’t playing.

I took Qi Gong as a kid and practice watchfulness. The other day my doctor said, “How paranoid do you think you are?” I said, “5-10%”, meaning how often do I think WHAT IF. He said, “No more like 40%”. Well okay. 40% Smirnoff? Or just a 40oz of Olde English? I don’t like vodka. I live in a bad building and mostly it’s okay but there are extra Po-po visits.

By the way, “Po-po” comes from 1985 LA PD beach patrol jerseys that said “PO” for police officer. I think it’s not offensive. As a handle slang. I say… “Hi”, or “Hey”, and then the “How’s your day” pretty much frees up convo and we can keep shields up with no pretend wall.

This article is concerning Oregon Police only. Oregon is a great place to Live! Beach, mountains and all kinds of weird people in Portland. It’s totally worth vacationing. Not many do. Oh well. Their loss.


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