Hubbuberry Stew

In the year 19,804 (WAYYY in the future after the Dumb Shit Clan takes over,) the whole America will be taken over by Russia and China, and they will fight with tactical tsar bombs against each others robot soldiers for fun. Everybody who has a Moon Pass will watch from the moon, sipping wine, chugging beer, eating- but no genitals. TIME’S UP!! NO MORE POPPING TOASTE TIME! Nyah…

So they’ll call the game “Paper Rock Scissors” after the Un-gamer started the first world unwar in the year 201(mumble)… by launching a metal boner into the Sea of Juh-juh-juh… hey, someone hit me with a PAN!! I’m done with the UN one…


Ow! Son of a cracker.

Also, there will only be like two races of robots. White… and super white!!

ROBOTS!!! Oh don’t you wag your finger at me.

I’m with blue man group… shhhhhhhh


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