That The Reality May Be All In All

“The Reality” is an English translation of Greek in the Bible, suppressed, and is a term for God. Did you know that? Did you know that atheists hate to be defined? Some do. Think about how the brain is structured to work. “7-15-4” is not a magic number. G= 7th letter, O= 15th letter, D= 4th letter. In my restructuring my thought, I’ve found that my “7-15-4” is my link to other people who may like saying “Oh my seven fifteen four!” and mean little by it. does it disturb reality? Does reality go beyond human collective realization? Sure. Feed your cat or dog- they REALIZE it.

Warning: I have Asparagus syndrome. Dad ate asparagus when mom was prego and here I am like THIS. Geez


“7-15-4” saw the Earth a “zillion” years ago

Pre-Shinto may concur that “Amenominakunushi” was IN the first movement ever, as the lengthy word means “first spirit”. Myself, I like Episcopalian services. Last service, Bruce Li was quoted aloud. I live in Milwaukie, Oregon. I’ve learned Gong Fu, worked hard, really like the green trees. I feel a romance to life in the world of LIVING ideas. Believe me, in going to Bible school and dropping out, I let go of some DEAD ones, but that’s my life.

My pain is accelerated by a C-1inh deficiency in a condition I won’t explain that is very rare, so some things I can learn very fast. At a price. I may be crazy, but I’m not insane. What insane would write is: “Only I alone- me- is going to Heaven. The rest of you suck.” I’ve met people near that “playing field” and I’m not afraid of them. I believe they will que sera sera their way along and who cares.

Who I like now are the A. “Athiest, Agnostics, Setians, Blue Angels of Glasgow…”. I don’t enjoy tsunamis or hurricanes much. I like that some people like sharks. Hmm. To me the word “Atheist” means at the core, not “no god” but no preacher. Okay. I’m probably a theist. But then again, I just “taught” not “preached” that g-o-d can be reduced to three numbers- and as a scholar of the sixty six books that C.S. Lewis liked I guess, I want to announce the contents contain the phrase: “God is the Reality.”


The equation is this: There is a beginning, there is you and me now and where is God?

  • Stephen Hawking (paraphrased. I’m the Syntax Sinner. I AM A limitless pill…)




Hypnotic, isn’t it?

Hey kids… do you LIKE the Beatles backwards like I DO?

Sum of times:

All I knead is the air that I breathe, and to luh-ah-uh-ahve.. yyou…

All I knead is the air that I breathe, and to luh-ah-uh-ahve.. yyou

All I knead is the air that I breathhhhhe….


If I was hit by a Lorry going 200 MPH tonight walking home from the library, I’d die a happy man that I wrote this on my last day.


Andrew Harrison

Pacific Civil Arts NW

10554 SE Main Strasse, Suite 308

Milwaukie, OR 97222



Please only write if inquiring on how to join the WNCHII

(Wicked Ninja Castle House of the Infinite Immolation)

Its for boys. If you are a girl, be a man and join too.

There is a need for girl ninjas, doncha know it


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