What Ya Say

I once asked a police corporal about words

He said we citizens are free to say whatever we want

It’s the DOING that they are concerned about

The doing, the doings

They don’t read my blog because they don’t like me

CIA can trace me from my library registration to the other blog Catchupinthewry that was fried

I asked “someone” to do that

I literally had ninja school AMMA pop up on my phone or maybe not

Maybe I’m cray cray

Is in possible one person- one man- have a lot to say and not about secrets but of the future and NOW that would disrupt because he’s a prophet


Was Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Bill Bixby, Michael Landon, Nicholas Schrek (still alive) a prophet of a real god? Or WERE they?

If I prophesy and say there will be a tomorrow, 1% of you might be impressed to think of work tomorrow. What if I say:


That means the so-called tomorrow wills to BE a now- to EXIST

The tomorrow that is not is the tomorrow that shall be

Hail the infinite invisibility!!

Hail Satan, er sorry Jesu Rex- I didn’t realize you were WEARING DARKNESS to FEED THE CHILDREN in the DARK—

How do you suppose LIGHT of REY is gifted to energize Taliban… to feed their children in the dark. I have ZERO FUCKING TIES TO THEM except my bare self as a Wu Shaminist is against the Pathan local Sufists where we agree on a KING POINT:


We are blind much to assigned external values

I am anyway

I never met a Sufist

If a Swedish blonde girl came to town and brandished an AK-47 bazooka-flame thrower, I’d hopefully start chanting louder and louder to keep my EMP wide… run at her sideways and kick her in the head or break her fingers or break her jaw open… but not terminate

I say Swedish because its impolite to be racist. I’m Swedish 13% And if that’s what I’d do to a female, what would I do to a male? So don’t come to my damn city you Horrorists seeking relief from the wicked ninja castle house of the infinite immolation- that’s just the God Reality in you pushing you… you foreign militants. Drop the gun, live longer. Why not? Am I addressing ICEEs? you bet your ass I am- stay in your land

This kind of entry gets my BLOGS CLOSED

Frickin’ A, in the name of love, what more in the name of LOVE?

I give ye Arabic acceptance

All that has transpired was real

Reality is real. Reality does not die. The past is not all dead. The future is not to worry of

My ALMS my ALMS my ALMs is to burn prayer incense in my horrid lungs for the tribal pre-teenage children to have an awesome future no matter what their parents choose- if their parents choose to run and gun and die, it will affect their entire LIFE, so I say WHAT OTHER GAMES DO ICEEs men like to play? “Russian Roulette” is like your “Go Caliph”, “Pokémon Go” is gay but fun for whipper kids.



I’m calling ALL ARABIC SUFISTS and ARTISTS to outdo OUR AMERICAN Burning Man Festival by spending time at a modular MAKKAH in their heart and to go to where the Tigris meets the Euphrates and meditate on the holy first night of Adam and Eve


Pre-MAKKAH, Pre-Kabbah, pre-eminence, new songs sung to God as filling the darkness of the eternal night sky to kill forever EVERY FIRE of pride, malice

Hate what is divergent from LIFE and others LIVING

For Christ bloody heart out his mouth, out his side, shouting his life out to death “FIDA”?

For Freedom

And he lives- he is using torments to move my sickness, er, my living corpse to type


So words power, yeah you can legally say anything but you can die

My girlfriend once told me “Why don’t you yank your cock off and die” while I was supposedly terminally ill- I left the flat, texted her (years ago) I texted: “Why don’t YOU do that? Why don’t YOU die?”

I had police at my apartment

I was 2 blocks away singing “I cant live with or without you” really damn loud. That was written for ME. Yeah sure.

A flashlight was pointed at me. I yelled “Get that light the fuck off me.”

I took a long way home because a little bird said it was Po-po. The local Gov likes to keep a file on me that I am bi-polar. Well, I’m glad they don’t know the truth. I used to have DID dissaccosiative Identity Disorder. I fooled everyone and myself and it came in handy

It was caused by extreme pain since I was a baby, fetus too, boy, man, now\

A WOMAN’S WORDS can get the police to you and a misunderstanding can kill you so always ‘Islam” to police. Unless you want to be a cock or die

Some woman called the police, friend of my girlfriend of 20 years- not a friend but of a MONTH and she gets guns on me

I’m NOT SORRY I said this to her… she said it to me while I’ve been weak

A cowardly woman can be defeated with a shameless use of near cruel spoken words

She then faked having double pneumonia to not lose face

I almost left her over “infidelity of attempting to influence suicide” like Job’s wife

Job’s wife is not in the 2nd half

She killed herself- its in the text

Never hit a woman except with a water balloon and precisely what she needs to hear

Screw this

I’m not PAID to be here

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