Doom’s Day

I’d like a “Captain Blood Spatter Attack Doom’s Day Sundae”

Thirty topless college university cheerleaders of ALL shapes, sizes, races and SMILING bring in the Volcano of Coconut Icecream and Fudge…

Lifting ME, Rodger Zuthfiliam, with THEIR boobs a jigglin’ (in a freaky fun way, not a sexual relaxing way) and throw me INTO the volcano

And I immolate in an ice-worthy manner, freezing to death as they watch

nipples hardening

From the COLD- THEY can’t help it

It’s like a boo-berry salute

for little me



don’t you ever fantasize like a TRILLIONAIRE??

I figured out how to go and fuck myself……..

I’d explain it, but it’s not what you think…..

and there are 1,000,000 ways to do it…. beyond the kama sutra limits


one other thing- young Randi Oakes, you are my heroine supply, baby mmhm pull me over

Take me home


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