Star Wars II and West Coast USA Police In Reality

What tool of the trade has been denied to police officers?

ONE that has never been ALLOWED



If you love Star Wars, good for you- maybe I can put you to work. I like Boba Fett and his neat-o tools and gadgets and ‘tude. You know that cops got ‘tude? Would you blame them? Every day having to forgive petty grievances about their manner when without THEM you and I could not enjoy much of anything. You may say they don’t show when you call.

Ha, I called in a suspicious person and 1 month later I got a call from the sheriff. THEY were nice to call back. I’d even say thanks, but they are on a project spree AGAINST the crime that most of you get your shits and giggles watching in cinema. “Oh wasn’t Dexter season 34 awesome?”, yous say. Dexter is a fictious version of a self-medicated dopemine addict who needs a fix thru bizarre means.

So maybe courts execute some innocents. I was a crime victim passed up by busy police. Forgotten by religious rich mommy and daddy. Bipolar after horrific bleeding… almost bleeding to death causes trust issues with a fake God you grow up believing in. I’m glad it all happened and is OVER because I can tell you the Chi-net of officers is strong. Chi-net is the almost impossible-to-measure safety barrier against wicked slime greasers who rove. The Jedi police DO outnumber the sickos.

Aren’t some cops sick? Maybe, but not as sick as I am anti-sick since I had to become a triple-agent of mercy to CHURCH VICTIM CRIMINAL- all three… no one is a totally isolated from evil person. It may be in your past as nodding along, lying, stealing, preaching to the penantant, violating sexually, spreading false stories etc. I don’t trust humans as far as I can throw them with my human ARMS.


A-ha, speaking of arms, if police ever desired to become more brave and risk their life for POLICING evolution, consider… “Star Wars II”… and the “AMEENO SABER DART”…

An Ameno saber dart knocks out and kills. George Lucas had some interesting free floating ideas I want to assign to “Manifest Destiny Prophecy” category AGAIN. George’s Christology in combining a Christ with a people in Vader as a dark Christ proved to be a syncretist challenge to me. Episode VII super taser gun held by storm trooper eroticized my brain, how exciting. Like a lightning chainsaw, God yeah!! Stormtrooper!! Waste that Jedi!! Hahahaha

So what is Ameeno? Distant, far off hint of a disappeared race. Syncretist translation? “Ameno minak un ushi”- the hallowed (holiness) spiritit of the first motion in the universe. Pre-Shinto, pre-ninja, pre-ninpo, pre-shaolin, pre-all. Did Lucas mean THAT Amino with the SABER DART? Oh yeah. My childhood friend works under his Ranch Empire. George’s brain works without moving. He IS the force.

So you can ask him if policing in America has been on HIS mind. Its been on my mind since his new baby is cocoa and bride obsidian like Solomons… heck yes he wants a safer USA for all races and better police response. Ask yourself if he possibly called me to write when he cannot say anything. What does it matter? I’m a Syntax Sinner- he can’t be connected with me? Connected with Star Wars prone? Nah, he’s wholesome as an Ewok…

I’m an Anglican Mage, he’s Buddhist-Methodist, we both have rare conditions… of conscience

“Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you

I will trust in you

Let the weak say I am strong in the strength of Jesu

I will trust in you…”

And in a NON LETHAL AMINO minak un ushi SABER DART TOO-

Or not


Oh yes, lets keep ballistics alive and brothers crying and avenging gang death x1000 in the next decades…

Or shoot a horse tranquilizer, interrogate, hire intel agencies

What does it matter? Not saying all police stop having a .357 or Glock- just the best and graduates of AMMA in Oregon licensed to shoot darts like a Zulu ninpo warrior. I bet 9,999 out of 10,000 are not brave or tough or able to become smart enough as police to become worthy of wearing red





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