Or cease.


Can you fathom one human body just lying on a couch. Imagine they are made of cells. The human body is referenced by each time a named character is summoned. If “Julia” Julia’s body or hand is pulled to put her on stage and do what?

Model. The light-based energy in her is illuminated to show her organs, even.

In the water she is flash frozen in space. No breath. No motion. No perception?

As quickly as she was frozen she was thawed to 38 C. She stared out at the light and said, “Death is a beginning… Bodies are illusory… Except the body of the Master of all Master, who took our stripes and wears all crowns to keep them eternally in care and peace forever.

i feel my body takes on different feeling states. They are powerful enough to debate it as drug-like. I do not use non-Rx drugs. I’d love medical m as I have “cancer pain” but some drugs kill. Having an audience of you all means a lot. It keeps me from giving up to have something to do. What ever your reaction, peace to you who love peace, blessing on those who bless their mother even if distantly, in anticipation of new future writers. This will be where future prophets preach, skinny girls teach about nutrition, guys talk about becoming who we will be.


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