Curse God And Die

|| This is what Job’s wife said to him, but I BELIEVE she said more like “Let us hang ourselves (body is part of the sacred image of God, hence harming killing defiling it by breaking it was not just “a sin”. It would be overkill if a penance. Job rode his grief out and was rewarded.

No one may agree that Job’s lady love (described as a hag in church) that she was any good. However, as the law of fear is like fire for fuel. Job worried about his kids too much. He loved them too much. He lost them, his wife lost herself and no one knows if Mr. Job had a new wife later.

I think there can only be two options. She died and he lived to remarry. They both lived and it was good. Or bad.

But in the spur of the moment what WE say, “Go fuck yourself”, is like saying hurt or kill yourself. As a JOKE to say it’s not very entertaining. It kind of says, “Die, no one loves you so finish yourself.” But it doesn’t EXACTLY mean that although certain words can be good and bad magic and liability for a suicide hate crime pretty much ruins all facets of one’s life.

So the root point is that bullying is the top pet peeve of everybody and I think there should be a secret martial art to deal with bullies using “barely legal” tasers  at random by undercover Jump Street part #27 guys…

and stuff.


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