Assanpaadamanama The Ninja Monk

Back in the day all priests still married…

Monk The A, as they called him. He invented the nunchaku by linking two dead dogs with a long wet lime-colored rag.

He refused to marry as a priest because he was comparing the Hebraic Christ-fulfilled archtype for a winning savior hero as being at the altar but not ever meeting anyone but The One. This scared off all his girlfriends because they were pagan do-bads.

So this Monk A time traveled, has a bAby and that’s me. And I grew up in Portland in a lab next to Amtrak. Under the tracks. We live here in watery tanks. We are fish. We are web savvy. If nothing else, made you look. Fricken A. Served! I take no responsibility. You read a BS story. Just. About. Finished. Yeah goodbye! Same to you! Him. Not you. Bye!


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