Hovering Over Death In The Field


The field is quite big. Large as the Earth. This Earth is really quite OLD. The human history that went unrecorded was real.

It is to me.

I think of all those people wearing hot layers for morality sake. Were they moral? Half! I bet maybe half were “moral”. These would be the father to the father to the father to the father in me and another two “our fathers” and that is the grave I am at now. With no God, is there a spiritual anything? Is your name God, God?

there is a lot of material on death customs that do not sound morose. Often times people become religious out of a response to life’s impermanace. I see a need to remember the teaching that Jesus saves, then do as Mayahana monks and make the body strong and knowledgable about death’s nature.

An age 5 I invented a religions out of breathing as I meditated “I die if I stop. I don’t die.” Age 41 I read Thich Naht Hahn exists. In person I have had Eckhart Tolle hard core supporters lean towards telling me I am up for Eckhart’s chair in the future. I threw my whammy dice and got “6-6-6” and I was like, “Yao.” That’s the chemical that stops my superstar. As a person I laugh but I really have a hard time with lame ass medical condition in me. Infusions. Expensive like stinger missiles. For gov’t? I think it’s hard to accept real people in charity pay the $4,230 EVERY third day. Not insurance. A doctor accused me of messing the system. I have been blacklisted. That’s okay because so have all my black friends at some point.

It counts not as commiseration, to be disabled with life threatening illness and take the time to say:

“I Am Raceless”

would you look at that? The I Am is iconic of the deity and the races are living lifeforce

In real time, I am 1/4 Swedish. 3/4 Euro Mutt.

I’m in such pain NOW that it does not terrify- I glean “sayings” as pain is my body is my thought tree. amen. Speaking from pain is great communication so saying “Amen” is appropriate Ms. Hooberdisher…

my pain is flat and smooth my ribbon field of dead earth

sin could be in it and this soil could be sin, and what if all we do it sin? *slaps self straight* sin has synonymns… Ommm….


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