The Power Of A Modern Pedestrian


In 2015, a pedestrian can report crimes with a phone. In the USA a pedestrian can stop crimes as a first-responder type with their concealed Glock-9. A pedestrian can go to the bank and get $1000 and feed all the homeless. They can look up online where the bridge is that the homeless hang out at and lower Subway hoagies from fishing poles. Ha ha!

A pedestrian (walker) can make a movie. A walker (formerly known as pedestrian) can take pictures of a drug deal accidently! Run!! No, it’s only weed. Basicly legal. A walker can walk into a pole. Ow! They were on their phone TOO MUCH. Duh huh! A walker may not see a bear in Canada and be watching Grizzly Addams on YouTube and suddenly be standing in front of a MOOSE. Whew! Not so fast. Escaped lion behind you is hungry. The moose is helping him.

What a world. Well one day maybe piercing/ tattoo enthusiasts will invent the human pocket- a pocket like a marsupial has so you can walk naked with your cell phone. And the MOON looks like a Death Star as there is one big cell tower that points at Earth for FULL reception. Or maybe one day there could be a reboot of humanity and start over naked with trees and no snakes. With a “Bah hoo doh Ray” an infinite Christmas joy reigns and no more mauling, pain, and cell phone bills.

I’m not asking.

I am saying it has to happen.

On THIS planet each day is better than the next oftentimes, so I like to hope.

Just hope.

Hope in what?

Oh, just hope.

Two beings vow: "No more killing!!" Guess who got mauled 4 minutes later? 😄

Two beings vow:
“No more killing!!”
Guess who got mauled 4 minutes later? 😄


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