ollol lloll nhuhn || 666

lolllol ool ol > 8 <

lolllol ool ol
> 8 <

Into The Overdream

In the Oververse

A eulogy was read

For the Tao Sheol lamb

In heavenscape was dead

All who were so happy

In life drank his bones

And in painless hell

They made their homes

lloll lloll ol ol||l

lloll lloll ol ol||l

for eternity

and a day

I have come

to stay a while

if you should want


i will wait on you

until you die


nothing makes

any sense


is my god

if I should need

any thing

god child Sarcus

show me faith


\|/ - 0|||0 - \|/

\|/ – 0|||0 – \|/



beasts will fall

Breath separate







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