Moo Jojo Hai Whippy Boi


The Internet is like a type of sky and its contents are like clouds. Some clouds are cute. Those are the fun articles. Some are thunder and lightning and they are interesting or scary. Others are stratus, high UP there. In the end, they are pictures plus an arrangement of language font.

Inside the body I think we all interpret stuff. Everyone hears differently according to experts on the ear. If I say or post a quote containing the words: “Hello, Chocolate, Love, Friend, War, Joy, God, Hate, Fortune, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Jewel, Earth…”, etcetera, EVERY reader will have a slight to great DIFFERENCE in how they feel about those words. Something has guided me from the age of about 15 to study “other” religions.

What I post about faith and religion has often been attained THRU high degrees of pain and necessary for me to voice. It’s my voice, I admit. At age 15, I started to go thru “states” called “psychoses” where I mostly dealt sanely with the outside world. That means that in high school, if any friend was KIND, I’d like to say that I saw their beauty. If unkind, I guess I missed it I just saw the beauty.

Some guy, maybe me, I dunno...

Some guy, maybe me, I dunno…

Of course that is me. Sheesh. I have a rare physical state (disease) or “lack of ease” and it affects my thought life. It’s like my brain is a party house and miniature Angels and Demons and riff raff and hoo dooey sproingy pops think they are all invited. As the party meister, I have to kick some OUT who say stuff and dance. It’s like mental illness, but my doctors say I am their most “insightful patient”. It’s psychic (psyche, mental) pain as well as physical.

My condition has been at peak for 26 years. I do not know how many times I have had a hernia (muscle rip burn) in my abdomen. Not to be gnarly or gross but my condition causes swelling in the intestines primarily. Last night I had Sriracha hot sauce and it triggered a cascade that is a neuropathogenesis (nervous system) reaction to agitated tummy etc.

What happens is that B1 and B2 cells are released causing leaks in the vascular system. Vascular is and blood vessel. So WATER (officially “lymph”) leaks out of vessels. I become dehydrated in my blood, swollen with up to 20 POUNDS of lymph. So I am then a meditative lymph-man-nymph, a non-mythical neo-hybrid fun guy.


I experimented with an MDMA drug that you can find. It seemed okay, but basicly it made me talk and write as dignified as someone who has to fart in morse code. No one really HAS to fart in morse code. I can imagine a fun cartoon with cute blue, pink and yellow bunnies farting “SOS” and “LOL”. And I am not even smiling. Well… Just a little.

So I interrogate all the crowd of spirited singing partiers who enter my think tank.

I can’t afford to stop guarding my party. My brain. There is a body at stake. I call it my brain child.

I’m an expert at understanding some things, particularly pain and enduring condemnation from within my own system. This is why I post so openly on bible, Jesus, God, humor, wackiness, is because I’m too intense in person perhaps. And there is so much hope and I know people have blind spots. I know I DO! You all might as well be Jesus as a child or grown up or whoever stuck in the 21st century TO ME. I only attempt to give a cold glass of Kool-Aid to any.

My brain collapsed on itself with a pick-up-sticks condemnation challenge for me. So I found:


He knows all things, such as who in eternity of all things YOU are. Breathe the future… Exhale the past. Let me find a Kool-Aid glass…. Oh I only have water! 😜


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