Article On Lack Of Sex Leading To Depression

And suicide.

I found this interesting. In the article a man who has gone thru sexless marriage thru his wife’s pregnancy and a year after (21 months and counting) says to other men,

“If you are where I am you should be thinking of a mistress, divorce or simply say what you expect.”

Every day is new. If 500 days go by, one is not suddenly shocked by feeling abandoned. I don’t think a man of indecision should dispense advice on decision. Rather than turn on HIM I am going to say,

“Look at the guy. Broken and mental problems! What if he cheated and could not put it behind him? Now THAT is statistically a problem where certain government workers COPS! save lives a bunch and when they come home stress and such is shared and some have tried to put the pillar of strength into place. But the FOUNDATION must be love.

Speaking as a 41-year old white male whose wife has been in ER and very ill at times I can say it is profoundly painful and psychosomaticly terrifying to withhold one’s drive. In ADDITION to that I am physically ill, too. Still, my wife and I “play soccer” more often than many who are married the same duration (10 years April 2016). STILL, I have meditated on this feeling which is like

shame rejection power trip abandonment no love anywhere annoyance humbling humiliated

And I think of TWO things the apostle Paul mentioned:

  1. A “concession” that his brothers in faith think of FASTING from the marriage act
  2. A statement that Christ and his Bride are a “mystery”

It is no wonder that sex that makes us feel guilt or problems can lead to suicide. The conscience is very serious. Especially with the most intimate things. There is a need for closeness. I don’t know if things are so obvious, but there are reasonings that get one into ones own conscience-prison. There is no one thing that is most “wrong” but there are consequences.

Years ago, my mind flipped on me. Thought I was hearing voices. I was. It threatened to kill me. So I believe suicidal people are maybe too often divided and too pro-death-penalty.


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