The Crazy Sexual Habits Of The Wonder-plucker

Foo dah hoo!

Foo dah hoo!


If you want to understand people’s behavior, I think it has a lot to do with their life experience and actually health variations. Like people assume not to think about the handicapped (bodily or mentally handicapped) as having sexuality. Someone who is diabetic may think of insulin before anything else. So there may be people who are “promiscuous” for real and “for fake”. People who are bi-polar are excused from responsibility by medical authorities as promiscuity is a “symptom” of bi-polar. I think a person can choose whatever they want but will always have a hard time believing they are “good” or “in control” until they see the truth which is that all the control you can be thankful for comes from two wood boards. The Way to freedom from suffering AND the void of the dimension where death is is here now. In the espiritu who knows more than we all do.

I’m hungry. I wish I still delivered pizzas. Sometimes orders get screwed up and you get free pizza. Yay.


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