A Look At A “Mode” Of Creation


This above is the American police banner. I’m going to use it for something else (a model of extra dimensional dominance of God (blue) over the dark of THIS world (black 1&2) over the righteous and the baddies at a peak in the middle) but HERE the blue stripe is cops, lower black stripe is bad guys and UPPER black stripe good citizens. Everybody then.

If there is in the beginning of the creation “no time” well Hawking says there can be no God to make all this in no time.

It was made from a higher point in reverse projection I suppose. There IS a god. Hawking theorized in limited dimensions! What did he mean by God?? He speaks as a theist one moment, then not as one the next. Or perhaps over a span of years, but let’s face it- perhaps humanity’s problem is more to not say OUR Father and keep their own God. Yes, that is a divisive thing to not share God, rather more so to not share grace and kindness. God is love after all. Literally? More than that- “really”, aka in reality. God of the bible is “The Reality” and in this world it’s like the universe is black water, stars are like the structure of things that are even higher.

Good and evil- are they clear here? What is up with reality here? Examination of the stars by one expert is not looking very conclusive. God has been compared to energy and people are looking for a person. What do people thing happened to Jesus after his resurrection and ascension? They don’t. Not unless they are allowed.



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