Fuck You

I was watching a YouTube about Peshwar in Pakistan where boys are near homeless and men try to do what the boys call “bad things”…

The man interviewing them is a social reformer- a worker addressing the issue of sex with the kiddos and attempts to. He asks them how they respond. One says “get lost” and the other younger one says “(TITLE)”. Yes!

That’s what I did. Then I was attacked. I felt maybe the bad thoughts and words somehow made me bad so God didn’t protect me. Well I look back and I fuckin’ say God DID protect me!! I’ll say this once- it was annoying to me to hear counsellors say “You never did anything wrong.” That made me conclude I never did anything RIGHT, EITHER. Why suffer? Why be born? I never ask “why breathe?”

Crowned with our thorns

Willing now to see the best

Good and evil is no contest

Love as fire before we are born

Mysterious mother


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