Pop Krunch Kastle

In the year 8882 AD, the population on Earth is controlled by Klown Kops and Doohoo the Gatemeister…

Hi! I’m Kolton Radmode, time-traveler and societal study-guy. I just got back from the 9th millennium where New York used to be. Manhattan is off limits. People go there anyway. They know they might be shot, but scientists have made it known that for 300 years, a secret society has had over 17 billion people killed.

That society is Illustra.

If you or someone you love plans to travel in time, please avoid the Ninth Millenium.

You might just find bloody foot prints that are YOURS. If you do, this is called “hypnotrip” mode. Follow them walking backwards!

Hey I’m only kidding around. My time machine is better than that. I got mine on planet Shamwow. Just yesterday. It looks like a bottle of J&B! I’m drinking to the future! Cheers!


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