Uncle Elton’s House

The Barbeque Dance

The Barbeque Dance

Here’s for Uncle Elton- 29 beefy guys dancing. Elton is not gay you know. He has excessive interest in sports, so there is just no way. And all the flowers he orders? Ferdinand spent all friggity day smelling flowers, got stung and acted manly. What could be more mannish than to keep performing in the face of criticism?

Well I like his music. Does he even know himself what a blessing his music is?

Celebrities are strange because it’s like they MUST be celebrities or they cannot exist.

I see PEOPLE as stitches in time. Some people live with no idea of what people think when they write on their blog right now. And the librarian mocked me when she heard “blogger”. So a month later she was laughing about cancer this and that. In the library. Where the sound rule has become lax. I said to her and the other librarian in a loud voice that my mother in law just had died of cancer and why the hell are they so loud and irreverent? What, 10 years older than me. Jerks. I left though.

Where’s my mother in law’s stitch? I have memories.

Our life depends not only on our eating and paying bills but on valuing others. And honoring truth.

I had trouble sleeping and having pain and weird dreams. It changes reality to write that. Surely having to do with multiplying cognizance of matters. What is important to me is to embrace the good headed my way. I cannot do that for others with out mind control helmets.



not so fast

okay, you’re dismissed…


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