History, Part I: Newly Revised

In the beginning, God

…made globular modules called CELLS and made each individual animal separately without evo or DEVO or revolution, because to GOD be the place of ALLinALL and be found master of all things. And he blew the animals thru a straw called SONofaGOD like reverse cocaine on a mirror like stars. To get us all HIGH!

how the fuck can people NOT believe in a “G-d” (Atheist Craigslist spelling. I was a theist and never got kicked off for being a dick, cuz I’m not a theist dick. A theist is trained at a university of Bible. I had a seizure at one and dropped out. The devil hit my brain. Thank you God for saving me from “those followers”… I’m an artist. That makes me more of a pussy. So I’ve studied male and female genital structure and find that their combo together is co-creative, co-destructive and co-crucified in the middle. So coitus done right tells the story of our human race, stations of the cross. When it’s male and female.

That has to be male and female to show that the holy church bride yada yada is LESS than Christ but becomes him. Void versus body of flesh which symbolizes our death. God always knew we would break the command of the first fruit. Have we been eating Christ all these millinia somehow? If you think if the Egyptians were justified or not, why not? Or Sodom? Were those men lost forever? Asteroid or angelic alien nuke device? The Male to male sex act that show God the Father & Son “doing it” is not popular in heaven. But in this world I have family and friends who are VERY gay. If God does not like what they do in private, how would I care? It makes me laugh though to see two guys cuddling because of Sasha Baron Cohon’s portrayal of Borat and the fashion boy… Haha… Male nudity can be very funny. We have wacky funny boy parts that need to be on Tv! Why not?



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