Stephen Hawking Attention Professor Stephen Hawkin: Attention, I have a model of a multiverse shift. IF you’d like to contact me, I’m mostly dead I fear, But I’d like to show you what the transfer is like in the… What? Of course I knew this was the title area

I was just trying to get the word out there that the rare blossoming of the super lotus is coming into its next multiverse. How soon?

oh, please. Who cares.    What am I sneaking up to? You! “you” is in fashion! Yes! “You” are the next me.

but that’s hobbit physics based on Ball Schwah Hwang-diddly-foo.

hark, who has heard the word of the first creator

two men were at a whore house but chose to be nice when they slapped them like horses on their thigh, oh my, on their Rosey hosey thighs. The two men were One and the cowboy was halfly a mirror. Not fictions in a mirror but an immediate replicant.

So the old way to say father and son is God, I say God is sonANDfather

The best way I can think of to acknowledge the fatherANDson reaping awesome visible results is to be friends with people. You can learn about yourself and God. I don’t mean all sober but relaxed.

So fatherANDson can be seen in left & right eyes. Right face left face, because God made the watcher of the Earth. Which is us.


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