Two Men In A Whorehouse Created The World

I say, didja ever hear that one?

two men

whore + house


but it works because

There were two Cowboys, father and son. They needed some action in a Sourthern comfort WAY if you get me. They don’t like each other. They want girl bits. So at the Whorehouse, two women walk up.

Oh wait, there is a mirror but it not solid because it floats and is in reality part of heavenly bodies nature and a reality-rift.

Now we’re at the fictional part.

why is that funny?

hey, heh-heh “Time Out”


i am really spacing OUT man.

i took 4 droppers of medical marijuana and I’m baked RIGHT!

I’m glad. I was getting depressed.

i can’t ever remember my story but I hope it funny!


okay, back to story?

i wish I had CHEETOH’S!!




i having the munchies

I will drink Ginger Ale

chase and hunt my lady’s tail…

Cheetoh, no PIZZA!!!

(This proovz I yam stoned too day)

the end


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