Neurological Nuances And “Who Cares?!”

“They” (alien scientists who have taken over like the diabolical Steven Hawking) say… What do they SAY? Well SOMEbody has dumbed down human experience into chemicals when chemistry is fooken complex, man!

Saying to people that human life and daily experience is a line of chemical reactions LEADS TO DRUG USE.  A lesser chemical to take this not considered an illicit drug is WATER. “Wah-wah” as some subatomicly moronic pet lovers say as they pour water for their big-volumed butt St. Bernard… Why not be funny? We’re all gonna die. Fricking B! Not A. Switch plans. No one is listening. B= Bible. Read that ONE LITTLE verse that says it’s all going to be okay. Got it? Great!!

So back to chemicals… Water is 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. To have the  right amount of water in your brain enables memory. Aquaman denies this! Who cares!! Well I accidentally (ME) did an experiment. Aware that I was carrying:

a mocha

a hard boiled egg

my wallet



no salt for the egg (couldn’t grab it all)

I thought:

What is my FEELING, THOUGHT and such about carrying these if not the feeling I feel now?

I think this excercise is an important one as I study secularized zen buddhism (not capitalized because I like to remove the capital letter EMPHASIS in ALL my writing for only the use of representing the SPOKEN inTONAtion of my… VOICE! HA! Haha

So if I added the salt, I believe by virtue of butterfly effect my life would be THAT way. If I lose a finger TOMORROW it would go SOMEWAY.

To take mundane objects, a game is played by the mind and the brain may make a dumb little song. YOU may even repeat it like… “here we go with the egg and keys, lala la lala…”

These songs are like jingles forming in some sort of SORTING process based on mockery, enjoyment… Judgment!

Oh crap I thought I was avoiding religiousity. Well a judge GRADES and then frees or dismisses a prisoner.

Are we not like prisoners here? Even Prince Charles. He is on contract to  sit up straight and eat his soup until he is 99. For real, man.

OK maybe not.

The universe is not a prison like an aging body. The universe is chemicals and physics. The body too. We don’t need to go to Mars.

We need to go in.


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