I’m About To Drink Some Water…


You know when a CAT won’t eat or drink because ya get too close? But it gives you a side-look. LIKE THIS.

I’m not drinking my water until you figure it out. That’s what CATS say. They just LOOK at you and it’s like:

a) hi

b) gonna rip you up if you don’t back off

c) oh no I’m not but c’mon! I get this one time to feel alive and I’m ON DISPLAY…

Cats go to Heaven!

Well, if they run under a car and do not make final “purrrrrfect cat-trishon” to repent of suicide…

Why do animals get to kill themselves but PEOPLE go to hell?

Ooh ooh! I know!! Maybe people don’t go to


oh shit!! I just forgot ALL MY VOCABULARY again. Damn!!

i believe spirits fly

In a world with games like Boggle and Sorry where going HOME and togetherness are required, HOW can this end bad?

oh yes- it can be painful, like being crushed by your own car and sink in the ocean… *gasp* and seem like forever as you feel grief and…

anyone else working on being trauma proof? I don’t fly over water!! Clint Eastwood almost drowned did you know. He was ready… Swam in off the  California coast.  His thoughts about crashing,  he was thinking :

Well people of gotten through something like this before.

Then he did. Coincidence? He loved life. Knows he’s mortal. Tough SOB maybe.


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