Barack’s BIL Works in Eugene?

Michelle Obama’s bro teaches at OSU in Corvallis, but

A little farther South in Eugene a student killed 10+ others asking “Are you a Christian?” Then killing those who affirm.

Another mother asked the mother of a young man who used a mental tactic on the shooter if she wish he had affirmed his faith.

I, the great author here, was trained to be a Christian martyr. Surprising? The NW USA is very “Christian” and has a church for each strip bar. Probably out of my old training I’d say “Yes! Send me to Jesus!! Hurry.”

Is it the age of martyrs again?

Does Revelation not speak totally in riddles? About the beheaded?

I think so. But I’d guess the slain in Eugene were conscious of martyrdom and in Christened-Dome this is a high honor to bet your life.

To take other’s lives is like being a _____. Not gonna say. Not feeling safe in Muslim America. Why so many move here after    9/11/01? That last kill is more than pho-pah. It’s getting trendy. I don’t mind if government profiles. I am dark. I am always stopped. Also my wife who I never POST is Lebanese. That is a “Catholic-Christian”-Muslim nation. Suddenly taxi drivers treat my wife like their “bitch-third” wife. Rude. If these few wanted converts, try not murdering and thinking of yourselves as foreigners HERE. Bless you on your journey through life. God needs no warriors for his name. Isa Il-Masaih has the jihaad within. Check your imam to see if this is not so. All war serves nothing now, so… Whatever. We don’t live scared. We are the Twinkie-eating great satan. So terrible. You think our leaders speak for us? No one knew Osama was sniped here. Our government is not our people.


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