Still In Love With Judas, Baby?

Lady Gaga song…

Matthew 26th chapter Jesus says:

“It would be better for him who BETRAYS me if he had never been born.”

Why? Because babies go to Heaven and Judas was hell-bound and if he died in the womb he could have gone to Heaven????????

Not exactly.

But what do suicidal people all have in common? That they go to hell? Well, they have SEEN hellacious things. Top reason of death of police in the USA is suicide after intoxication. (support your local police. There are many good policemen and police women. They see horror that is very real.)

The verse in Matthew correlates with one in Ecclesiastes:

” better yet is the stillborn child who does not see the evil under the sun.”

The Word is unbreakable

The bible is shakable.

In the end, Judas went home.



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