Read Very Carefully

We take people off life support who are suffering. Sometimes they take the cord and rip it out themselves. George Washington endured doctor abuse at his end and he was the biggest American ever. He said “STOP!!!!!”

What if a person requires $2,500 of medicine each day? And has agony? And the doctors follow Satan and won’t give opiates or hope? THAT’s ME.

If I felt well, I wouldn’t blog! Nothing against it.

My oxygen life support is not a tube. It’s natural. But AIR is prolonging THIS. I won’t yell “fuck” 1000x. I forgive my doctors. But I still am not out of HIGH PAIN. On an original “0-10”, I have gone to 33.

33 is crucifixtion. Jesus really does love his world. I reached 33 for 60 seconds. Jesus did it for hours and hours. My pineal kicked out “near-death” Neurosoup. DMT. I saw the universe. I saw how all religion appears reasonable.

A man who knows insights about the Earth’s destiny is I! The WWW actually seems to be to me a part of destiny! The www Has many uses for communication. I am not afraid of death because I am a worn computational body here. Resurrection is AKA “Upload”. I do not want people to go to church. What? Yes. I was molested at one and they never made amends and this may contribute if I suicide. But I won’t!!

I hope? Fellowship is:


SO DRAW “J-E-S-U-S” on a man, woman, child

not on a building

im so angry for my child who was thrown into a lake of suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kill church

church is architecture that shields pedophiles activity

evil buildings

its not about religion

heck check out what Beiber says! That was a pleasant surprise. Now him I’d claim as a son.

i feel disoriented


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