French Kid On A Carnival Ride



Everyone is the SAME!!

except for DNA, economic status, religion or no, disabilities, patty-cake preferrence, eternal destiny, abilities, food likes, color of skin, who they like in politics, fear of the moon, Mark of the Beast, type of personality, friendship success, ethics on everything, desire to be the opposite sex for a day and a half, desire to eat Subways and have a child bride fixation until being caught, being president and getting a presidential BJ and signing your name with airborne ink, and then there is Nixon.

Hitler, Ghandi, Mussolini, Ted Koppel and Cher- as bad as they all were… Nixon was worse. Why? Oh like it’s not obvious!! Here’s some clues why:


And this concludes this stupid Smurftastic arctic breeze of bull shy ee aye ee aye yaiy yaiyee…


Sweet chai ee aiee aiee aiee Yai Yai YAI of Mai ee INE.




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