Seven And Coke

Hi Norma. 💓Get in muh!! 💗

Plastic Norma bottle ^

When I was 7 they had these 16 oz glass Coke bottles. I just loved to see how far I could stick my tongue in IT. I felt a feeling of agility and accomplishment during this and I now realize that naughty ghosts made me do it.

Objectphilia? Oral fixation? Worse. I learned how to be a porn star before 3rd grade. You KNOW I won’t say why but there is a special BONUS round to “doin’ the deed”. And I forget what the bottle teaches.


Go! Go! Go!

that’s it.

Remember  Rodney Dangerfield ?

I’m like him now, only I get respect and I’m almost as good looking.

I don’t LIKE sex anyMORE. Not that I ever really. But I was drinking my coke, here and now having a chug does me like a kitten with its first mouthful of RAT. And if I want, I can praline the bottle again! Haha! Oh to be 7 again and love Lacey things! Good old 1981 when there was only ONE Star Wars piece of CRAP MOVIE.

You hate Star Wars!

You HATE JarJar so it’s ALL or nothing

George Lucas in the shower looks like JarJar.

I said “in the shower”, not “naked in the shower”

Twin Suns!

shrinky dink Yoda!

you are bad

you are good

have a Coke

I dare you to donklize it like a 7 year old would


(Mr. Harrison is PMSing today. Thank you for your patience. And remember- oralize your Coke and smile!!)



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